Project Description

Denim Love, 2017
Amber Ambrose Aurèle X Çalik Denim

Çalik Denim – 30 years with Denim Loves Art

“The Netherlands is one of the most popular countries for denim – we love denim here. We even have denim academies where people can learn the art of producing quality jeans. Dutch people are wearing denim, all day every day in all different kinds: Short, Long, jeans, jackets, shirts and then the difference in raw, selvedge, etc. The possibilities are endless. That’s the reason I was so enthusiastic when Çalik Denim approached me for this project: denim is a beautiful fabric, has a rich history and many different qualities. 
I hadn’t worked with denim before in my designs and I was very curious to see it would play out. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the material, I wanted to feel the fabric and see the quality of it. I was very surprised to see so many samples! All these colors, finishes, different options: it opened up a denim world for me. 
After having worked with denim and all these different options and colors I have embraced denim fabric, truly. Denim will be good-looking forever and goes with everything. I very much look forward to make more designs with denim in the future, also in combination with other materials. I’d like to research the material a bit more (you can the girl out of the University, but you can’t take the researcher out of the girl!) and then see if I can make my dreams of using denim in ways it was never thought to be possible come true. Everyone has a pair of perfect/favorite denim jeans that you are wearing all the time, constantly and we will probably never grow tired of. Then I was thinking: what is the perfect denim shoe? How do you want to feel when you are wearing it? Classic, cool, sexy, effortless, fearless and in for a dance! It was that feeling that I would love to put in a shoe, so there my adventure started… it was a way to combine the elegance of high heels with a fabric that is so tough and rustic it can survive so much wear and tear. These shoes will make any woman steal the show but they can be used for worldwide adventures while still fit perfectly and look amazing.”

Photo’s white background: Charlotte Visser for the Virtual Shoe Museum