Project Description

Ice, Ice, Baby, 2012
“Hidden Messages in Water”

“For Hidden Messages in Water, Amber Ambrose Aurèle explored the possibilities of complete transformation without changing one’s essence. Amber’s desire to display different forms of one composition brought her across the work of professor Masaru Emoto and his research on the molecule structure of water. She implemented this pseudoscience on how human consciousness has an effect on water in the sculptural open construction of the heels. Metamorphosis suggested through a composition off icy hard and volatile soft material; the stages water can be found in.

Amber pursues to be innovative in every collection by introducing a new technique. Her heels are the first ever 3D-printed from metal.”

Catwalkphoto by Team Peter Stigter 

Catwalkphoto by Team Peter Stigter

Catwalkphoto by Team Peter Stigter