Project Description

Serendipity, 2018

“Shadow Passes, Light Remains”

“Plato and his magnificent stories about Atlantis inspire the Serendipity collection: the mythical empire that, unfortunately, lacks proof or even historical accuracy. The concept sprung to Amber Ambrose Aurèle’s mind during recent new stories; melting icecaps, forest fires, the possibility of collapsing dikes. Amber’s ever wandering, dreamy mind toyed with the idea that what if the sea conquers all land and we get swirled into a city below the waves, how should we begin to rebuild our lives under water?

She wanted to create shoes that light up in the dark, just as bioluminescent creatures can at the right moment in time. With this collection she wants to show the transformation between day and night, light and dark and how this can change our perception of an object. That’s why Amber has made designs that look different in daylight than they do when all lights go out – or when the water comes to take us all away to new worlds to explore. She has developed graphic silkscreen prints that will light up in the dark just like the heel and platforms of the shoes. As a designer she wants to transport the viewer to a silent and inscrutable place under the sea level, where the light accentuates the shapes of lines and the shoe and the construction can be experienced both delicately and powerfully

This collection is created out of rest materials from privious collections and projects, so there is a sustainable character as well.”