“a woman in heels is more dangerous than a loaded gun”

– Amber Ambrose Aurèle

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Discover a new universe; experience a different reality; explore a new way to see the world. Indulge yourself in the otherworldly details in the breathtaking designs of Amber Ambrose Aurèle.

“Sweet Things Have A Strange Edge”

Amber Ambrose Aurèle is known for her visually unique work and sky-high heels. As a designer, she explores the boundaries of fashion and art through her shoe designs. She holds an MA in Shoe Design from ArtEZ Arnhem (2012), a MA in Art History (2012) where she worked on her thesis about the cross-fertilization between fashion and art and a MA in First degree in cultural and arts education and history of arts in culture (2016) both from the University of Amsterdam. Her academic background makes her research process unique and elevates her vision of beauty and design. She has a firm belief her art of shoemaking require interdisciplinary research which explores new fields in every collection.Her creations have a sweet and twisted view that combines fine handwork techniques with innovative technology or (sustainable) material. As a modern-day designer, Amber thinks it is important that you are critical of yourself and society but also reflect on the fashion industry and think about craftsmanship, fair trade, and sustainability.

Every design is meticulously crafted and is unique within the style. With her designs, Amber does not follow trends, but she makes shoes strongly based on concepts. She always questions the status quo and contradictions such as those of the femme fatale and the femme fragile.

In her work Amber explores the boundaries beween fashion and art. When do her designs become art objects instead of wearable shoes? She has a conceptual approach to the design process and uses it as an artistic expression. As a teacher, Amber loves to share knowledges to the new generation. And she will stimulate that students will find their own handwriting and doing a well-founded research to substantiate their opinion.

The work of Amber has been featured in several exhibitions all over the world;  Centraal Museum Utrecht, Kunsthal Rotterdam both in The Netherlands, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Oklahoma artspace USA, and many more. Work was published among others in Harpers Bazaar Hong Kong, VOGUE NL, SHUBA Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Talkies Magazine & MALVIE Magazine.

One of a Kind The first to 3D-print metal heels, her creations have a sweet and twisted view that combines fine handwork technique with innovative technology.

“You can described the work from Amber  as a perfect symbiosis of femininity and female empowerment. Amber distinguishes herself from other designers by her intellectual preparation before each of her collections. She starts with a research question based on a female or a group of females that will represent the collection”

Inge Specht, Curator Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum

“Amber creates stories, mostly fairytales, with her shoe designs, that are always very contrastive from her previous collections.”

Liza Snook , Founder of the Virtual Shoe Museum

“I met Amber 11 years ago as my student in ArtEZ. She distinguished herself as an individual person. Different from the other students. As a shoe designer she developed herself as extremely feminine and original. As a person Amber is a very amiable one. Everybody loves Amber. For my wife Tonny and myself she is almost family. Her combination as designer and teacher is quite unique, one of a kind. I am very happy to work with her. I enjoy to continue our collaboration.”

Jan Jansen, Jan Jansen Shoes
“With her intellectual and dreamy vision, Amber brings you into a whole new world of experience with her feminine & magical designs. I prefer to call every piece a work of art! Amber knows how to transform both commercial and artistic designs into a special end product! AAA it’s in the name. This versatile & powerful woman conquers you with her quality & beauty!”
byWillemijn, Art direction, set design & styling