Project Description

Coruscate imprisonment, 2012

“Turning the lights on”

“Haute couture creations are snapshots of innovation and symbiosis of everyday need in fashion. What are the limits of capturing divine inspiration? Amber Ambrose Aurèle suggests capturing light in the Coruscate Imprisonment collection through print design and clever footwear engineering. Striving not to demonstrate only the romantic and swift beauty that is often found in modern-day fast fashion, Amber created one of a kind shoes that light up in the dark powered by LED-fabric.

Amber worked with materials and techniques that associate with light. Translucent Plexiglas and framing aluminum heels emphasize light and color play. Full-print galaxies hold membrane-like illuminating LED-fabric.”




Galaxy Scarf, Silk Chiffon

Galaxy Scarf, Silk Chiffon