Project Description


Amber find it fascinating that a painter on the flat surface can create only with paint the optical illusion of real three-dimension space on the flat surface. Painters make use of composition, the metal arrangement of the various elements with the aim of expressing the flat surface of the imaginary space.

As a designer this is a element that fascinated amber as a designer and she asked herself whether you could also bring a 3D object back to the flat surface. To be able to reassemble it later as a 3D form, or object for use. This is where here inspiration started. She started the design research with cardboard to make samples. But she know immenditaly that she wanted to work with plexiglass for this project, because this is a very flat material. But for her as well very fascinating because of the different colors, the transparency and the reflecting. As well when you combine different plexiglass together you get new colors. In this way you almost are painting with light, colors, layers and plexiglass in a different way.

Also she was fascinated by something else, she got the plan to make a shoe design, that is possible to put it together and to disassemble it again. This is a new way of looking at footwear, and there are endless new options if you think in the way of production and transport from flat shoes.

This collection is made from different colors of rest material plexiglass. Because of the different colors you cn play with it and it is possible to effortlessly put a piece of (art)shoe together that represents your personal unique taste.