Project Description

Metanoia, 2016


Amber Ambrose Aurèle X Dots Dash

“The women that Amber Ambrose Aurèle sees wearing Metanoia is always on the move, yet always in control. She can transform herself from subtle chic to bold and luxurious as her ankle boot transforms from elegant and quiet to exquisite, simply by remodeling it with distinctive caps. Metanoia serves an invitation to embrace change, whilst its wearer is an object of awe and fascination.

Metanoia: a journey of the mind and heart, a transformation of how one perceives themselves. For Amber, her muse is a women open to and empowered by change, and this is as well for the Dots Dash muse. She is in control of her life, directing its path, moving forward.

As she designed the shoe, she imagined a women rushing through a busy metropolis with grace and poise, despite being hurried. “I’ve always been fascinated by how the slightest of alterations can transform a women; a readjusted hairpin, a flick of fresh mascara, hair let down to relax with friends, or tied up to lead a important meeting. The performance aspect of fashion never ceases to amaze me.”

In the opinion of the designer, footwear is storytelling, each design another chapter in her tale. She was attracted to the Dots Dash project because they shared this belief, in fashion as art, each sole telling a different story, each heel demanding space in our crowded narrative.

“With my designs, I aim to surprise to challenge both wearer and viewer. One of the great things about working with Dots Dash was the ability to challenge myself. As a known designer of sky high heels, it was a huge challenge to work on flats. But as I aim to transform a woman’s perception of herself, I must continue to challenge my own preconceptions of who I am, and what I am capable of.”

You can buy the Metanoia design on the Dots Dash webshop.

Metanoia, black ankle boot

Metanoia, with wing cap

Metanoia, with glittery cap